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Do you have two cell phones? One for work and one for personal use? Whatever the reason, now you don’t have to worry about misplacing one, while using the other! CELLSNAPP! has arrived

CELLSNAPP! is the only and only product which allows you to handle, use & carry two cell phones at the same time, as if they were one device!

CELLSNAPP! unique ultra-thin patented design allows you to rotate your phones up to 360 degrees when taking photos or using the flashlight, all without ever having to separate your phones.

An array of powerful neodymium magnets molded in a highly durable ABS plastic and using industrial strength 3M adhesive will CELLSNAPP! your phones together; and keep them together as you carry them with you in your purse, back pocket, or simply in your hand. You never have to worry about where one phone is when you need the other? CELLSNAPP! has you covered.

Taking a long trip? Take CELLSNAPP! with you to keep your mobile battery charger firmly and safely attached to your phone; right where you need it when the time is right.

Don’t want to take your other phone with you? Then simply pull them apart and CELLSNAPP! the other phone to the fridge, so its right where you left it when you get back!